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Get your sweeping jobs done right the first time, every time, when you install quality-built poly and/or wire wafers from United Rotary Brush on your sweeper.

  • Long lasting durability means more hours between broom changeovers
  • Great for sweeping asphalt, gravel, mill grind, clay, mud and other types of road debris
  • Compatible with the most popular sweepers and attachments: Broce, Lay-More, M-B, Rosco, Sweepster, Waldon


The UnitedPro™ Strip Broom strips slide in and out of your core with ease. Change your main broom without removing the core. What used to take two men and too much time only takes one pair of hands and 15 minutes.

  • Spiral sweep mandrel improves debris pickup for impressive results
  • 100% poly plastic back strips
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly


The all-time sweeping classic for paving and road construction applications. Compare our filament weight with the cheaper brooms, and you’ll see why United Rotary Brush Tube Brooms are the right choice.

  • Compatible with the most popular street sweepers on the road today
  • Better flick action for thorough debris collection
  • Made with United Rotary Brush’s own virgin polypropylene filament
  • More sweeping ends per square inch of broom face
  • Tight and consistent broom wraps for impressive sweeping results


A kit will have enough brushes for an entire broom. Depending on the style, it could just be the brush wafers. Some kits also have spacers that are in between the wafers. The straight wafers use spacers, the convoluted(wavy) do not.


6 3/8″ x 21 3/8″ WafersPart #
Poly Convoluted04-063213PC
Wire Convoluted09-063213WC
6 3/8″ x 24″ WafersPart #
Poly Flat01-063240PW
Wire Flat06-063240WW
Combo Convoluted12-063240CC
8 1/8″ x 26″ WafersPart #
Poly Convoluted04-081260PC
Wire Convoluted09-81260WC
10″ x 32″ WafersPart #
Poly Flat01-100320PW
Wire Flat06-100320WW
Combo Flat12-100320CW
Poly Convoluted01-100320PC
Wire Convoluted06-100320WW
Combo Convoluted12-100320CW
10″ x 36″ WafersPart #
Poly Flat01-100360PW
Wire Flat06-100360WW
KitPart #
10″ x 32′ StraightRW-502
6 3/8″ x 24″ Straight344148
10″ x 32″ Straight PolyRW-500
8 1/8″ x 26″ Convoluted Poly165-9069
8 1/8″ x 26″ Convoluted Wire165-9070
10″ x 32″ Convoluted Wire166-0323
10″ x 32″ Convoluted Poly166-0322

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